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Product Name : Child Intelligence
Product Type : Book
Cost for Indian Country : INR 150
Cost for Other Country : USD 50
Quantity : 1
This century will be the century of the brain. Intelligence will define success of individuals; it remains the main ingredient of success. Developed and used properly, intelligence of an individual takes him to greater heights. Ask yourself,jaeger lecoultre replica watches is your child intelligent! If yes, is he or she utilizing the capacity as well as he can? I believe majority of people, up to 80% may not be using their brain to best potential. Once a substantial part of life has passed, effective use of this human faculty cannot take one very far. So, parents need to know how does their child grow and how he becomes intelligent in due course of time. As the pressure for intelligence increases, the child is asked to perform in different aspects of life equally well. At times, it may be counterproductive. Facts about various facets of intelligence are given here. Other topics like emotional intelligence, delayed development, retardation, vaccines, advice to parents and attitude have also been discussed in a nutshell. The aim of this book is to help the child reach the best intellectual capacity. I think if the book turns even one individual into a user of his best intelligence potential, it is a success.
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Product Name : Pediatric Companion
Product Type : Book
Cost for Indian Country : USD 250
Cost for Other Country : INR 50
Quantity : 1
This book has been addressed to young doctors who take care of children, such as postgraduate students, junior doctors working in various capacities in Pediatrics and private practitioners. Standard Pediatric practices as well as diseases have been described in a nutshell. List of causes, differential diagnosis and tips for examination have been given to help examination-going students revise it quickly. Parent guidance techniques, vaccination and food have been included for private practitioners and family physicians that see a large child population in our country. Parents can have some understanding of how the doctors will try to manage a particular condition in a child systematically. A list of commonly used pediatric drugs and dosage is also given. Some views on controversies in Pediatrics have also been included. Few important techniques have been described which include procedures like endotracheal intubations, collecting blood samples and ventilation. I hope this book helps young doctors serve children better.
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Product Name : Breast Cancer: Biology, Prevention and Treatment
Product Type : Book
Cost for Indian Country : USD 395
Cost for Other Country : INR 100
Quantity : 1
This reference book provides a comprehensive overview of history and development of breast cancer and how best it could be managed. For the basic understanding of the process, Omega Replica Watches a chapter has been included describing the development of mammary gland, its biological function and behaviour. Focus has also been given to the hereditary and modifiable risk factors present in internal and external environments. In later parts, practically and clinically relevant information related to detection, prevention and treatment strategies of breast cancer have been deliberated in adequate details. Overall, the care has been taken that the content flow remains lucid and easy to understand for a layman.
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Product Name : Patient in cart
Product Type : Photograph
Cost for Indian Country : INR 350
Cost for Other Country : USD 200
Quantity : 1
The patient is suffering from Asthma and brought for a free health check up camp on 25 Feb, 2007 at Barakalan, Dist- Shahjahanpur, U.P.
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